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Santo Conigliaro

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Santo Conigliaro

Primary: (407) 810-5221
Alternate: (321) 418-8758

Our transportation company makes it easy for you to get around. whether you're visiting Orlando, Florida, from another country or a surrounding area. With over 23 years in the transportation industry, SEJAC Transportation understands that the customer has a need, and it is our responsibility to satisfy that need with uncompromised quality and efficiency. Our strengths are customer service, scheduling flexibility, and an innate knowledge of the Central Florida area and attractions. SEJAC's values focus on putting the customer first, and providing a smooth, hassle-free experience at a fair price.

Our customers should not be concerned with the transportation facet of their vacation or business trip. Full-service local transportation is provided from the time of arrival in Orlando until the time of departure at the airport or possibly to another city in Florida. SEJAC drivers are experienced, professional, and knowledgeable and are ready to make recommendations on restaurants or resorts based on your preferred location and budget.

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