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At SEJAC Transportation, satisfying our customers is our top priority. We provide unlimited specialty service to make sure you have a pleasant experience as we take you from point A to point B. If you need directions, suggestions, or anything else, just ask us. If you want to talk, we're definitely up for conversation while we transport you.

When you hire someone to do the driving, you want them to be reliable. If Santo is not available, he will make sure another driver picks you up. After the driver drops you off at your destination, Santo calls the driver to make sure that everything went well.

In addition to local transportation, long distance transportation is available for groups at your request. Whether your group wants to go to St. Petersburg, Miami, or anywhere else across the United States, we work with you on transportation arrangements.

Additionally, we provide affordable rates that are charged according to your pick-up and drop-off points, unless prior arrangements are made. You only pay for service after you arrive at your destination; both credit cards and cash are accepted.